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What Not to Pack When Moving

Congratulations on your intended move! So now it’s time to start packing and hire an international moving company to get your stuff delivered safely. Unfortunately, you can’t take everything with you since certain items are prohibited. At Sky Van Lines, safety is of utmost importance and we will provide you with a list of prohibited items. In the meantime, let’s look at a few of them.


There are specific requirements that you must follow when transporting money overseas. You will need to file a US customs form once you exceed a certain amount. Otherwise, smaller amounts should be kept with you and not left for the movers to transport. Make sure to get the details before your move.

Hazardous Materials

Flammable or explosive items are definite no-nos for your moving company. These include household solvents, paint thinners, aerosols and batteries. Other items you may have in your home like gas tanks and nail polish remover are also prohibited.


You may be allowed to transport certain types of firearms into some countries. However, find out from customs if it is allowed in your new hometown and the proper procedure for transporting across international borders.

Agricultural Items

Plants, seeds and fertilizers may die in transit or they may not be able to survive in their new location because of temperature difference. Some produce may transfer pests and diseases to the new location. Chemicals and fertilizers could become flammable and are generally not allowed.


It is important for you to fill your prescription before you move. Do not pack your meds for the movers to transport. Instead, have them on hand and readily available.

Even though customs regulations will differ in various countries, you will need to find out what is or is not allowed into the country. Contact us at for more information.

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