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Get Temporary Storage While in Transit

You may need to store your belongings in a warehouse temporarily until you can move them to your final destination. Your items can be secured and the movers will transport them when it’s time.

In-transit storage is useful for various reasons:

  • You sold your home earlier than expected and you need to remove your belongings
  • Your new home is not yet move-in ready
  • There may be unforeseen circumstances like harsh weather conditions that would delay delivery
  • You may be staying in a temporary location which does not have enough space for your belongings
  • You may be in the process of renovating your house and have to remove your belongings
  • You are not present on the day of delivery and the moving company places your items in their storage facility

Storage Costs Associated With International Moving

If you require temporary storage, find out if your moving company offers this service. Some moving companies offer one month of free storage space if you are doing an international move with them. So, they will secure your items in the warehouse. But you must notify them about delivery at least 7 days before the free storage agreement has lapsed. After this time, additional fees will be added.

Storage Costs Associated With General or Local Moving

If you only require a general short-term storage space, moving companies normally charge per cubic foot. Even though storage may incur an additional cost, you will feel comfortable that your belongings are safely stored. What you want to ensure is that you have sufficient money to pay for the delivery. Prepare to have more than the estimated amount (in the case of an eventuality) and a tip would be nice. Avoid delays and prepare for your move today.

Check out our services and give us a call. We will be more than happy to discuss our storage service options with you. Contact us now.

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