Sky van lines were established in 2010 by a family that had combined 10 years experience in performing long distance moves.
Yes we do like most of the leading moving companies we work with moving software. We would be happy to send an estimator to give you a not to exceed price, it is very accurate and of course we stand behind our estimates with a guaranteed price. FIY companies that perform home estimates usually charge a little bit more because of the accurate price and the not to exceed price, its help you not to have any surprises on the day of the move (not all local companies will offer you that service and will try to book it over the phone and raise your price on the day of the move.
Like most of the leading moving companies we work with a moving software developed by a lot of moving companies with a list of long years of experience, it is very accurate and of course we stand behind our estimates with a guaranteed price.
A “Moving Broker” is actually a sales office that books jobs and then sub-contracts the move to an actual moving company, they don’t have a DOT number, only a MC number. They only have a telemarketing office and they will usually represent themselves as a moving company but THEY ARE NOT, You can easily check if you are dealing with a “Broker” or not by finding out their DOT license number – a “Moving company” will have a DOT number and a “Broker” will not.
We are an actual moving company and we perform all the jobs ourselves, you can easily check us over at the DOT website to make sure. You can also go online and find a lot of good reviews from satisfied customers.
After you book your move with a moving broker, he sub-contracts the job to an actual moving company. The bottom line is that on the day of the move you will have a company that you know nothing about showing up on your door step with a different contract, different terms & conditions and usually additional charges – this is where the problems start.
You will receive a call from our dispatch department up to 24 hrs before your move with a 2 hour time frame for pickup. If you want, we can note your time preference BUT bear in mind that it is NOT guaranteed.
Full packing service means that our team will pack everything in your house/apt including boxing up all your dishes, clothes and lose items and crate all of the fragile items. The bottom line, is that we will do everything from A to Z while you can seat back and enjoy. The service includes unlimited packing materials and labor and we price it per cf.
When there is no access for a 53ft truck to deliver the furniture we need to obtain a smaller truck in order to perform the delivery safely – usually in specific areas like Manhattan, downtown Chicago , Washington DC and small apartment complexes.
Our dispatch department is coordinating the manpower based on the size of the move and the packing requirements; it is somewhere between 2 to 6 men.
Its 10% deposit, 50% at pickup and the remaining 40% will be paid on delivery.
If you do not want to load additional items not listed on the inventory and will not require any additional packing services, the extra charges that may apply is, flight of stairs – if you have 2 flights of stairs or more there is a one time $75 charge per flight (the first flight is free). Also Long Carry, If there is no access to the truck and the walking distance between the truck and your doorstep is more than a 75 ft, there will be a one time charge of $75 per 75 ft of walking (the first 75 ft are free).
Yes we can, just let us know what kind of boxes you want, the quantity and the shipping address and we will send it to you. See our on-line moving supply store.
This is a written agreement made in advance with your mover- it guarantees the total cost of the move based upon the quantities and services shown on the estimate.
This is what your mover believes the cost will be based upon the estimated weight of the shipment and the services requested. A non-binding estimate is not binding on the mover. The final charges will be based upon the actual weight of your shipment, the services provided, and the tariff provisions in effect.
Pets cannot be carried on the moving van. Dogs, cats, canaries and parakeets can usually be transported in the family car. For a complete list of items that cannot be shipped, please visit the Non-Allowable section of this Web site.
If your move is due to a change in your job or business location, or because you started a new job or business, you may be able to deduct your “reasonable” moving expenses. Please click (here) to read more
It is never too early to start the packing process. However, if you are not able to pack your things until just before or on the day of your move, ask our moving consultant about our full packing service and we can have our packers do it on the day of the move. If you need packing supplies ask about our box delivery for your convenience.
A postal money order is a federally backed money order that can be purchased at your local post office.
Your price would only increase if you added more items to the inventory on the day of the move, or you needed additional packing material.
A ballpark is never an accurate price, it could provide false hope or even provide a price that is too high compared to what your actual cost could be. It is also best to have a free in home estimate to receive the most accurate and best price possible.
On the day of the move your cost would not go down as you have a space reservation for your move. If you are going to have less than what is on the inventory, please contact the customer service department, your moving consultant or your visual estimator to make these changes.
A shared load is the most cost effective alternative to moving. This is where your items are shipped with other customers on the same 53’ truck going to the same region or direction of your belongings. Dedicated would be where you are purchasing the entire truck and having the items delivered quickly.
It is really based on what services are being provided. However our employees are very efficient and do not waste any time.
We do not ship vehicles directly, however we work closely with 3 different auto transport companies. We will provide you with the lowest cost.
We have storage that is available to use for as long as you need. Please keep in mind that the cost of storage is based on the size of your shipment.
Due to liability reasons we would not be able to allow you into our storage facility.
During the pickup the movers will wrap all your furniture with heavy duty moving pads to protect them.
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