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4 Popular Specialized Moving Boxes

If you’re moving house or office, regular packing boxes may not be ideal for all your packing needs. Some items may be fragile, valuable or irregularly shaped and require specialized boxes. Some items may require specific packing materials like bubble wrap, foam, and moving blankets. The following is a list of popular specialized boxes to help protect your valuables during long-distance and international moving.

Wardrobe Boxes

There are specialized boxes that are used as portable wardrobes. Any item of clothing that you don’t want to fold, you can place on hangers in the wardrobe box. These boxes allow you to transport your clothing with ease. Simply move them directly from the boxes into your new closet without wrinkles! But understand, wardrobe boxes are usually heavy so only use them if absolutely necessary.

Mirror Boxes

Mirror and picture boxes are perfect for your lamps, art pieces, photographs, frames, and mirrors. These specialized boxes ensure that your valuable and fragile items can be secured during the move. The packing material included with these boxes adds a protective layer to reduce movement and avoid damage to your valuables.

Mattress Boxes

Whether you’re putting your mattress in storage or planning for the move, choose the size that suits your needs. They range from crib to king-size mattresses. You can also get a mattress bag which gives additional protection against insects, moisture and dust. Avoid packing items on top of your mattress.

Dish Packs

These are specialized dish packing cartons that you can use to protect your kitchen dishes and other fragile items. Your plates, glasses, cups, vases and electronic items can be packed in these double-layer boxes. They’re specially designed with dividers, partitions, and liners to pack items individually. To obtain more information on moving boxes, contact us for more information. You can also give us a call and chat with one of our friendly representatives.

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