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Long Distance Movers Las Vegas
Long Distance Movers Las Vegas
Procedures for completing and processing payment for invoices
  1. Enter credit card number
  2. Enter CVV located on the rear of the card
    1. American Express is 4 digits on the front
  3. Enter expiration date for credit card
  4. Enter Billing Zip code for the card
  5. When entering payment amount please add 5% to total payment prior to entering amount.
    1. Example if payment is $100.00 you would enter $105.00 as total payment
Billing information must match card information
  1. Please enter Full name
  2. Current address
  3. City
  4. State
  5. Zip code
  6. Job number
    1. Is also you binding moving quote # starting with a Y
    2. Example : Y4981234
  7. Click yes otherwise the payment will be voided and canceled
  8. From the drop down box select appropriate purpose for payment
    1. Example: if for a deposit select deposit
  9. Click next to “ I’m not a Robot”
  10. Confirm all information is correct and you have added your 5% to the total invoice
  11. Click submit 
Long Distance Movers Las Vegas