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Ways To Help Kids Understand Why You Are Moving

Art of Packing

While you might plan a move, the decision may not seem equally appealing to your kids. For children of all ages, moving to a new place comes with a fear of losing old friends. This might cause anger or distress in their minds. To make situations even more uncomfortable, your kids go through the chaotic process of packing and unpacking stuff that can get onto their nerves as well. This guide will walk you through ways to handle your kids emotionally during a move. Meanwhile, let a professional moving service handle the shifting of your household goods to your new place.

Disclose Your Plans Early

Kids are comfortable with familiarity and routine. As such, letting them know early about a move might give them enough time to get adjusted. Breaking news at the last moment might make them feel ignored. Encourage your kids to approach you with queries that can help with their transition through the move. And once you ensure they know about your decision, remind them periodically in exciting and casual ways about moving. This should assist them to make their own plans and goodbyes more timely.

Honor Their Grief

The decision for a move is yours and so you must not expect your kids to be happy with the same. It is absolutely normal for them to express their sadness for leaving everything familiar. On the contrary, it is a healthy thing for them to grief for easier adjustments. Assist them to their friends’ places for exchanging addresses and some farewell pictures. Write letters of goodbye and thank you to their buddies. Participating in such gestures will help your kids overcome their grief faster and might make them more positive about the new place.

Get Them A Plan To Stay In Touch

It becomes hard to stay in touch, especially when you are busy trying to make new friends. The process is not that simple for your kids though. Support them to keep connected to old buddies until you see their focus shifting towards their newer friends. Help them keep in touch through video calls, letters, or even online games with each other. If situations permit, take your kids to your old neighborhood someday so that they can visit their friends’ places. Toddlers usually move on emotionally in about a year’s time.

Involve Them In The Decision Process

A bit of responsibility can change the focus of your children, away from the sadness of relocation. Take their opinion on the paint or decor of their new rooms. Do not force them to give up their favorite toys in your attempt to declutter goods while packing. This might aggravate their sense of loss even more.

Instead, you may offer them a separate box to pack their favorites and take them to the new place. With the older kids, you can allow participation in more complex decisions like realty selection or marketing for the new house too. Self-planning will excite kids for moving into their next home. For any further information and queries, you may please visit

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