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Making Your Move Easier For Cat

Tips for Making Your Long Distance Move Easier For Cat


Tips for Making Your Long Distance Move Easier For Cat

At sky van lines we know that you need to move and you have more to do just then packing when you have Cats that move with you they RENT exactly what you call fans of change. If it were up to them, they take no part in it. But you can’t just leave them behind on your next big move, which is why you should put together a cat move kit that will provide maximum comfort and minimize stress. we did a checklist of essential items to bring along when moving by car with your favorite feline.

Cat carrier

after you book your long distance mover and your movers are ready to stat to work you need a cat carrier. a cat carrier is a critical component of any feline move kit. If you don’t already have one, make this your top priority. Not only will a cat carrier make Kitty feel safe and secure, but it will also prevent her from darting into danger’s path every time you pull over and open the car door. Make sure your carrier is big enough to allow your cat to stand up and lay down comfortably.


Cats are just as susceptible to dehydration as dogs are, and the effects of dehydration can be just as deadly. Don’t put yourself in a position of having to get emergency medical care for your kitty. Bring enough water to keep her hydrated and ensure she has plenty of opportunities to drink throughout the long trip.


when you moving a long distance move you driving with your cat Making sure your cat has enough dry kibble to eat is just as important as making sure she has enough to drink. This is no place to make shortcuts; pack enough food to keep her well-fed until you’re in your new home and unpacked.


Ask any cat and they’ll probably tell you the same: Throw a little catnip into any situation, and it only makes it all the more bearable … sometimes, even fun. Whatever your kitty’s favorite treats, bring them along on the road with you.


when you moving to your new home you Cats are a lot like us. Creatures of comfort, they revel in the familiar and enjoy napping and staying warm. If you’re moving and you’re bringing your cat along with you, her comfort is a chief concern that will lessen the shock of relocating to a new environment. Bring at least one blanket with your smell on it and place it in her carrier. It’ll keep her warm, cozy and feeling safe.

Food and water bowls

when you packing all your staff for your long distance move You made sure to pack enough cat food and water for the long trip to your new home, but did you also remember to pack a food and water dish? Going without these is a bit like serving someone spaghetti without a fork or plate. Don’t make eating and drinking tough on your kitty; she’s got enough worries on her paws.

Collar and leash or harness

when you moving a long distance you driving for hours, when you stop on the way you will need take your cat for a walk It’s probably not very often that you do it what he needs it on the way, buy a collar and leash or harness can be helpful in case she’s particularly flighty.


Cats can get extremely scared when exposed to unusual situations. Imagine the amount of stress that can pile up if that situation just happens to last a couple of hundred (or a couple of thousand) miles. Sometimes a tranquilizer is a good option to help calm her. Always check with your veterinarian before giving her a tranquilizer, however. Some veterinary organizations advise against sedation.

Veterinarian contact info

You never know if you’ll need advice from your veterinarian. If you don’t already have this information saved in your cellphone or jotted down in your little black book, make sure you do so before heading out.

Vet records

Accidents and medical emergencies can happen at any time, and sometimes the difference between life and death can be the time it takes to obtain your cat’s full medical history from her previous veterinarian. Eliminate this concern by packing her vet records in her travel kit.

Cat wipes

Throw in a box of cat wipes in case Kitty gets a little messy. She’ll appreciate the opportunity to place her best paw forward when making her debut at her new home

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