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12 Free Moving Tip

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12 Free Moving Tip

  • Mark your boxes clearly to make sure you will get them in the right place at the delivery.
  • Disconnect washers, dryers and refrigerator hoses before the movers come to pack you up.
  • Small items must be packed in sealed boxes.
  • Do not leave clothing in drawers of dressers.
  • Mark fragile on boxes containing dishes. glassware or delicate items.
  • Jewelry, important papers and safe deposit contents should be packed and kept with you during your move.
  • Major appliances – remove all loose fittings and accessories and pack separately.
  • Lawn movers and gasoline equipment should be drained before loading.
  • Disconnect and bundle wiring on TV and stereos. Label removable wiring with masking tape.
  • Plan and measure where your furniture will be placed in your new home. It’s helpful to draw a layout of your new home and sketch in the major furniture pieces.
  • To save time on moving day. move your boxes from the basement, upstairs or attic to the main floor prior to your move date. Consider carrying items from the backyard to the front yard or garage ahead of time.
  • Keep your phones connected through moving day to stay in touch with friends, family and the moving company.
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