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Factors That Influences Your Moving Cost Estimate

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When you choose to hire a moving company to help move your belongings from one place to another, you surely have a certain level of expectations. After all, you could explore other options, but you have chosen to go with professionals. You expect that they deliver your belongings to the destination safely and undamaged. Usually, this doesn’t come cheap. As expected, you will be required to pay these movers for their services.

It should be noted that the estimated cost to be paid to movers vary and not just because different companies have different rates. They vary because there are several factors to be considered before determining the total moving cost. These factors include:


You should ensure that your moving company gets a virtual tour of your home. It helps them know the works that need to be done. From the tour, they will see what needs to be moved, the number of stairs, the arrangement of the furniture, and so on. So, for instance, if you own a three-story duplex and would like a property moved from the upper floor, the charge will possibly be higher than moving something from the ground floor. This is usually because the moving company will charge you for moving your belongings up and down the stairs. If, by chance, you skip giving them a tour of your home, it may eventually lead to you being charged extra on moving day.

Materials and Packing Time

A good moving company should be able to correctly estimate the number of boxes and other packing materials that will be needed. Additionally, they can also tell how long it will take to pack your belongings into the box. However, some companies don’t include the packing cost in the original estimate. They will rather charge you for it on moving day. Always avoid companies like that because they tend to inflate their packing cost.


The longer the moving company spends moving your belongings, the higher they charge. After considering the layout and distance it will take to get to the destination, moving companies are able to determine the range of the time it will take to complete the move. Other factors considered include the weight of the materials, the number of belongings to be moved, and the fragility of the material to be moved.


When it appears that the estimate is cheaper than usual, then there is a chance the moving company may be trying to cheat you. Some companies present an underestimated budget only to chip in additional charges later. Others may throw in some undefined industry terms and ambiguous conditions in the contract. This is done in a bid to get you to pay higher than you should. You can simply avoid this by going through the fine print you have been provided. Ensure to ask for the meaning of any lingo you don’t understand. You should always aim to foster clear communication so you won’t be bamboozled with extra charges on moving day. Simply put, request for an explicit estimate and have a defined agreement with your movers.
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