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How Can A Moving Company Help To Relocate Your Garden?

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You don’t have to say goodbye to your existing in-house garden just because you are shifting to a new home. An expert moving company can help you to relocate your garden with the right tools and guidance. There are many reasons for shifting plants to your new location. Being an integral part of your home, your green friends maintain the perfect eco-balance. Moving plants isn’t that hard, but you have to follow a few useful tips as mentioned below.

Move During The Right Season

When you have decided to hire a moving company, consider the season before shifting. Early autumn and spring are the best seasons for moving your greenery. You should relocate vegetation only when it has been in the ground for 2 years or less. Winter is perhaps the best time to shift your garden as it causes less damage to the root system.

Water Your Plants

Watering your plants is vital before moving. Water your garden correctly before the night you plan to shift. It enables the plants to hydrate and survive the moving time. Moreover, plants like shrubs, fruit trees, and onion should be soaked in water for about 2-3 hours before replanting.

Understand The Law

Most states allow inter-state plant transfer if they are sterilized in potting soil, but some have strict measures. Sometimes officials might inspect your greenery before approving. Some states have banned particular plant species, like California, with strict plant protection laws. So, consider the ecology of the area and understand the rules before moving your plants. Consult a moving company for the best advice and guidance.

Visit The New Location

When you have decided to shift home, it’s a great idea to visit your new location. Inspect the soil, climatic conditions, and planting benefits if you are settling in another state. You should also see the property even if you are moving to a house in the same state. Ensure that the spots have enough water facilities and close to some green sites.

Shred The Long Leaves

It’s a better idea to prune large leafy branches before moving. It makes them more manageable, and they will grow back healthier than before. You should also inspect plant diseases and use natural remedies to treat them.

How Does A Moving Company Help You To Pack

When you decide to hire a moving company, you will enjoy many benefits. Here’s how a mover can help you to pack your plants neatly,
Wrap the plants into tissue paper and prevent branches from falling off
Moving companies use dish packs to place the plants entirely in the box.
Label the box marking each plant. It avoids loading the boxes into a moving truck along with household items.

Reputed moving companies use temperature control trucks to prevent the plants from drying out.

Hiring the right moving company will help you to relocate your greenery without any damage. Just visit and consider these plant protection tips before you move to your next location.

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