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Hiring a Moving Company? Follow These Steps To Be Prepared

You have made an excellent choice by selecting a moving company to help with your move. Moving can be a very tiresome process of having to pack up your belongings and relocate your home. But before the moving company arrives, you need to be prepared. Here are 4 steps you must take to prepare your home.

Sort Items

You definitely will have some items that you won’t be taking to your new location. It’s important that you carefully sort the items you want to dispose of. A few days before the movers arrive, separate and dump these items. Other items may be in good condition, so you can give them away or have a garage sale.

Prepare Large Appliances

Your washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, and dishwasher are in good condition so you are keeping them. Unplug them first and empty them. Your television will be connected to cable, cameras and other devices so detach and label all plugs to make the re-connection process a lot easier.

Remove Garden Plants And Chemicals

Dispose of hazardous chemicals before the moving day. If you know you won’t have the space for growing crops, you can give away any remaining fertilizers and plants. If you have plants you want to take with you, check with the moving company first so they bring the proper packaging for these items.

Keep Pathways Clear

Before the movers arrive, clean and clear the exits and pathways. Remove items that cause slipping and toppling. These steps make it easy for the movers to use the dollies and carts to move the heavy equipment. They will also prevent damage to equipment, personnel or floors. When you’re planning your next move, give us a call or message us. We’ll make the process easy for you.

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