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No Item left Behind

No Item left Behind

Moving is a stressful and busy time. As a result, it is only natural that people have a tendency to lose themselves and forget a thing here and there. We at Sky Van Lines have a few suggestions to help avoid these unpleasantness.

–  Create a check list, and check it twice. Be sure to mark what’s going with the movers and what’s going with you.

– In most cases, moving companies won’t transport pets or vegetation. In order to avoid having to leave something behind, be sure to make proper arrangements a head of time.

– Irreplaceable items such as passports, medical records, or other sensitive documents should always go with you, and be securely placed in an easily accessible location,  but not openly visible  in the vehicle, like the glove compartment of the car or a small briefcase.  This will allow you to ensure you have everything with you even if the car is fully packed with items or people.

– Do you use any services like the dry cleaners? Be sure to check you’ve picked up all of your belongings before leaving town. This might be quite a hassle otherwise. Will you even be able to find the ticket?

-With all the tension of moving, things sometimes slip our mind. Be sure to have a copy of the keys, as well as a copy of the new address. It’s quite awful when you drive into town in the middle of the night to find out you can’t find the place, or find it and can’t get in.

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