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If you are planning to move, you probably have a lot of activities on your plate. One of the trickiest elements of moving is safely getting your furniture out of your current dwelling and into the moving van. To avoid injuring yourself or damaging your furniture, hiring professional moving services in Pahrump is advisable.

No matter how strong you are, moving some of your furniture is best left to professionals who can efficiently disassemble or wrap your furniture and expertly navigate doorways, corners, and stairways. Spending a little extra to hire professionals saves you money by preventing damage, saving time, and avoiding personal injury. This blog post will highlight some of the problematic furniture to move and the best way to solve the challenges you will face when moving them.

The trickiest furniture to move

Any furniture items that you cannot entirely lift or fit through the doorways, corridors, and staircases will be difficult to move. Only small pieces of furniture (like footstools) can be easily moved around without considerable planning. The rest of your bigger, bulky, delicate, or oddly shaped furniture items, e.g., sofas, beds, tables, dressers, wooden cabinets, etc., will need to be disassembled or expertly wrapped in blankets or bubble wrap to prevent them from getting scratched or dented during the moving process.

Disassembling is quite simple, but it often requires you to have specific tools and store the disassembled parts carefully so you do not have missing parts when reassembling. While it is possible to move these items without professional assistance, it is highly advisable to engage experts. If you would rather move without paying the extra cost, buying or hiring moving tools like lifting straps, sliders and dollies would make the task less laborious and time-consuming.

Hacks for moving your bulky, fragile, and oddly shaped furniture

If you have opted to move your furniture without professional help, several hacks can help you avoid personal injury and damage to your furniture. You must be ready to work out your back, get sweaty and engage some friends to help. It will also be necessary to buy or rent the aforementioned moving tools. You can also use hacks like taking the drawers out of dressers and moving chairs around corners by negotiating them into an L shape.

Seek expert help today

Once you have a little extra help and the right tools, moving heavy furniture is not as daunting as it seems. After protecting the furniture using bubble wrap or moving blankets, you will need to adhere to the safety protocols for lifting. The best way to lift furniture is by engaging your core and legs rather than your back and waist, which can cause serious injury. Your thigh and abdomen muscles are less prone to injury than your back and waist. Be sure to bend your knees and not your waist when lifting.
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