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How to Find the Best Long Distance Movers?

Are you looking to move to another state, another region, or across the country? Chances are you’ve moved locally before, and you’re thinking that moving long-distance can’t be too different. Unfortunately, this assumption is incorrect.

To move an entire household thousands of miles, you should consider hiring a long-distance mover. We’re going to tell you exactly what to look for when you’re hiring your moving team and give you a few tips to locating the best long distance movers near your area. Keep reading for more information!

Online Research

One of the first things you will want to do when choosing to relocate is to search for “long-distance movers near me.” This will bring up a number of results in your area and can start your research process.

While researching, take time to read several of the company’s reviews, and find out if they’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Also find out what types of services they offer compared to the services you’ll need.

In-Home Estimate

In addition to your online research, call to several long-distance moving companies to find out whether they offer in-home estimates. This is important! Many moving companies will ask you to fill out a form to list all of the items you wish to move, describe furniture, and estimate the number of boxes you’ll have.

These online forms may seem easy to complete, but you may also forget some important items. An in-home estimate will allow you to meet with a moving professional and receive a more realistic quote.

Compare Costs

Good isn’t cheap; cheap isn’t good. This saying is true in many industries and moving is one of them. When a moving company gives an estimate that is far lower than their competition, chances are they don’t have all the required certifications, won’t provide needed materials, or aren’t including a true reflection of the costs.

The worst part about this is that, in the end, you’ll be the one paying extra. So yes, compare the costs of several companies, but make an informed decision.

Don’t Forget to Schedule Early

Whether you’re moving for work or to get a fresh start on life, you’ll need to plan your move in advance. Start researching companies early and once you’ve chosen one, call to book sooner than later.

If you’re still not sure who to use or are tired of searching for the best long-distance movers, don’t worry, Sky Van Lines is fully accredited, certified, and has years of moving experience. Call or message us today for an in-home estimate.

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