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Moving and Packing Tips in Las Vegas

Imagine arriving at your new home, only to not be able to find the items you most need, or worse, breaking the laws before you’ve even had a chance to learn them.

These are both issues that can be avoided by knowing exactly what not to pack when moving. We’re going to go over a brief list of items that should never be packed so that you are better prepared for your move and can ensure the happiness and safety of your family. Keep reading to find out more.

Money, Jewelry, Important Documents

We have to say it; please don’t pack money, jewelry, or important documents like passports, your marriage license, or birth certificates. This is simply common sense.

Money goes in your wallet or in a bank, not in a moving box. What happens if you arrive at your new home, don’t have a local bank account, and can’t find your bank’s ATMs? Fees and annoyances are what happens. Keep your currency with you or deposit it to a bank that offers a debit card for instant access almost anywhere.

Jewelry can become lost, misplaced, broken, or damaged during a move. Place those in your personal vehicle to avoid this problem and keep your sanity. You also don’t want to face the headache of losing and replacing important documents. Documents are best kept with you, along with your jewelry and money.

Explosives of Any Kind

If you have guns or explosives, find out the local laws before you move. If your guns are allowed, you may wish to keep these items in your personal vehicle during the move. This prevents any accidents from occurring which will definitely make your move a lot less enjoyable.


Unless you’re hiring a freezer truck, you might want to donate your frozen goods to a charity or neighbor. Also, your pantry could probably use a decent cleaning out. Consider keeping a few snacks on hand, but try to get rid of any food that tends to go bad quickly (looking at you, produce.)

Other Notable Items

While this list is nowhere near exhaustive, you definitely need to remember not to pack the above items. Other problematic goods may include flowers or plants (if crossing state lines; check local laws), cleaning products (who wants to deal with spilled chemicals?), and anything that is flammable.

If you choose a full-service moving company like Sky Vane Lines, we’ll provide reminders about these items and anything else that might be an issue. If you’re packing up yourself, avoid boxing the things on this list.

For an in-home estimate of moving costs by a BBB-accredited company, give us a call or message us today.

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