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Our Quote is guaranteed based on your inventory list. If your inventory changes at the time of pick- up, your price may change as well (based on the company’s tariff for the additional items).

Pricing Structure for your move: This quote is a binding quote based on the household items listed below, which is based on the inventory given by the customer. The quote is based on cubic feet. The customer is responsible for updating the inventory prior to the day of the move. Any additional items not on the inventory list will be added to the final bill on the day of the move. The customer will not be charged a penalty fee for exceeding the items listed but will be charged for the actual items loaded onto the truck on the same “locked in” rate 


Sky Van Lines includes the following with NO additional charges: FREE wrapping of mattresses, box springs, furniture and vacuum with moving blankets Up to 30 days of FREE climate controlled storage beginning the day of pickup Unlimited FREE wrapping tape to be used to secure your goods.

  • Professional Door to Door service.
  • Complete itemized numerical inventory
  • Loading and unloading of all items.
  • Disassembly, reassembly, and placement of all furniture upon delivery.
  • Fully quilted padding & wrapping of all furniture
  • Cargo insurance coverage up to $100,000 based on 60 cents per lbs per article.
  • Full coverage insurance is available, upon request (72 hours notice required before the day of the move).
  • Taxes & tolls
  • Fuel surcharges, mileage and transportation fees.
  • Free extra stop (up to 20 miles) – both at origin and destination.
  • Transportation with late model air-ride suspension trucks.
  • 30 days of FREE storage in our secure storage facility.
  • Full Packing Service is available upon request.


  • First flight of stairs is free- each additional flight is $75.00. (A flight is up to 12 steps).
  • Long carry – the first 75 feet are free, each additional 100 feet will be charged $75.00.
  • Shuttle service – if a semi-trailer cannot get reasonably close to a building or a house for unloading, a shuttle truck will be used at a rate determined based on the truck size and destination city. In some of the major cities’ downtown areas Shuttle charges are as follows: $300 for The first 300 FC and $55 for each additional 100 CF (Price includes the Cost of a rental truck and gas ).
  • Packing and crating services not listed within the proposal.
  • Extra storage – your items will be stored at our secure location in N Las Vegas, NV. Monthly. Storage will be charged @ rate of $0.40 per cubic foot per month after the 30 day period, storage payment needs to be paid monthly.
  • Redelivery and storage – a charge of Redelivery will be charged at $1.00 per CF (7lb = 1 CF) Minimum charge of $350.0 All storage costs.
  • Redelivery will be applied to redelivery total will be applied when the carrier must make a second attempt to deliver the property if for any reason the shipper did not accept delivery on


All moving companies include Basic Liability Cargo Insurance free of charge to their customers. As a reputable and ethical moving company that complies with federal law, we also offer the option to go through an insurance company to purchase Full Value Replacement Insurance. Please take a minute to review your insurance options so that you can make the best and most informed decision about insurance for your valuables.

Basic Insurance free of charge

Basic Liability Cargo Insurance in included free or charge with your move. This is limited coverage up to $100,000 with zero deductible. In the event of a claim, any payments are made at $.60 per item, per pound. This insurance does NOT offer full replacement value protection

Full Value Protection

For an additional cost, full value protection insurance can provide peace-of-mind and additional coverage for all your items including high-value or sentimental items. We have 2 companies that we can recommend for this additional protection. Please visit each of the websites below and compare quotes. We will be glad to assist you with this process in any way that we can. 

We also recommend verifying coverage for “Goods in Transit” with your current homeowners/renters coverage

If you decide to go with full coverage insurance, we recommend the following company:

Moving insurance .com

Phone number: (888)-893-8835

Prohibited items:

before your things are packed and loaded, please take some time to look over the items that we cannot put on a truck or in a container. Hazardous and perishable materials are not allowed, and we recommend that you keep sentimental or personally important items with you.

Hazardous materials

Aerosol cans, Ammonia, Ammunition, Car batteries, Charcoal/lighter, fluid, Chemistry sets, Cleaning solvents, Darkroom chemicals, Fertilizer, Fire extinguishers, Fireworks, Fuels/oils, Household batteries, Kerosene, Liquid bleach, Loaded guns, Matches, Nail polish, Paint thinners, Paints/varnishes, Pesticides, Poisons, Pool chemicals, Propane tanks, Sterno fuel, Weed killer. Perishables Food without adequate preservation, Frozen food, Open or half-used foods, Plants, Produce, Refrigerated foods,

Personal importance/ Sentimental value

Address books, Airline tickets, Car titles, Cash, Cell phones, Checkbooks, Computer data files/backups, Family photographs/photo albums, Financial documents (stocks, bonds, CDs, IRAs, deeds, tax records), Home videos, Insurance policies, Jewelry and furs , Keys (car, furniture, new home), Laptop computers, Medical/dental records, New home documents, Prescription medicine, Professional files/research projects, School records

Payment methods:

  • A deposit of 10% from the estimated total is required to reserve your move at the time of booking.
  • At the pick-up 50% of the total price must be paid with cash, personal check*, postal money order or accepted credit cards. (Any credit card charge, will have a 5% Convenience fees attached). *Personal checks will only be accepted at the time of pickup if there is at least 3 business days before delivery takes place.
  • The remaining balance will be due on delivery day in cash or postal money order ONLY and must be paid PRIOR to unloading. Sky Van Lines will only accept a credit card payment for the final balance if that payment is made prior to shipment being loaded for transport to destination.

Delivery Window:

From your earliest date ( first available date for delivery) requested we will be in process of planning and scheduling your shipment. Our average delivery time for that requested 1-14 business days (less than 1500 miles), or 3-21 business days for the coast to coast deliveries (1500 Miles and more).
You will be contacted by our dispatch department 24 hours prior to your Pick up date, Your driver will be contacting you 12-24 hours in advance of his arrival

Refund/Cancellation Policy: You may choose to cancel your reservation without penalty up to 3 business days prior to the scheduled date of your move and we will be happy to refund the deposit in full. We will require both verbal & written cancellation notice. Please email your request and the reason for cancellation with the following info; full name on the Order for Service, your phone number, origin/destination locations and scheduled date of the move. Email this to and call our operations department to confirm receipt of written notice. Any last minute cancellations made less than 3 business days from the move will forfeit the deposit and will NOT be refunded.


Please click on the links below and print for your records.
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