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7 Wyoming Laws That’ll Shock You

7 Wyoming Laws That’ll Shock You

Laws are made to be respected and followed. If you are planning a trip to Wyoming or moving there, you need to know what the local laws are and abide by them. As a professional moving company that has handled customers’ moving needs over the years, Sky Van Lines has learned a lot about local cultures and laws. Below are the ten laws in Wyoming that may sound a little strange but are real.

It is Illegal to Fish With a Firearm

In Wyoming, a law prohibits fishermen, whether occupational or recreational, from fishing with a firearm. This means that you cannot approach a fishing lake and spray the fish with bullets hoping to kill one or many. According to the state’s laws, it is unsustainable and punishable. While in Wyoming, even on private property, always remember to keep your firearms in the holster while using the fishing hook and line.

It is Illegal to Use Fully Automatic Firearm for Hunting

The state of Wyoming frowns strictly upon the use of a fully automatic firearm for wildlife hunting. The state also has strict laws against anyone who wishes to hunt but is in a vehicle that is driving along, upon, or across a public road. According to the state’s law, hunters must step out of their cars or leave public roads before shooting a game animal.

Forgetting to Close a Gate or Fence is Illegal in Wyoming

As a Wyoming resident, the government frowns upon mistakes like failure to close gates or fences. These barriers are considered important to keep livestock or animals in or out of a property. People who violate this rule by leaving their gates or fences open can get up to $750 in fines and a misdemeanor offense on their criminal record.

It is Illegal to Ski While Intoxicated or Inebriated

Wyoming has a strict law that prevents residents from engaging in activities like skiing while under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances. Persons caught violating this law may be slapped with misdemeanor offenses and even end up with a criminal record.

It is Illegal to be Drunk inside a Mine

Mining is a huge industry in Wyoming, although the state is commonly known for ranching. The state’s law prohibits residents from getting drunk or being in a mine while intoxicated. This is aimed at reducing the chances of accidents and mine collapse caused by wrong decisions. Persons found drinking or drunk while in a mine could face up to a one-year jail sentence.

Junk Dealers Cannot Conduct Business Transactions With Drunk People

Junk dealers are banned from conducting business transactions with drunk people. This is mainly because drunk people are considered intoxicated and incapable of making reasonable and sound decisions. A junk dealer caught transacting with drunk people may face legal punishments.

Women Aren’t Allowed Within Five Feet of a Bar While Drinking

Although Wyoming preaches equality and has instituted the women’s right to vote since 1869, the state still discriminates against women at bars. Thought to be a law enacted to protect women, Wyoming’s law forbids women from being within at least five feet of a bar when drinking. While the law exists on paper, it isn’t in full swing today.

If you’re planning to relocate to Wyoming or anywhere at all, knowing the local and state laws can save you a lot of stress and hassles. More than this, Sky Van Lines can also save you from the stress and hassles of moving your delicate items. Visit their website at to learn more about the moving services offered.

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