How to Prepare for a Long-distance Move

A long-distance move requires a lot of planning. The preparation phase is critical since it often determines the outcome. The best way to prepare is by hiring experts in the moving industry. Sky Van Lines can assist you with your long-distance moving and storage needs. We are the best in the U.S. and we serve the Las Vegas community and surrounding areas.

  • To help you plan a successful move, these are some tips to use as a guide:
  • Start planning as soon as you find out you must move.
  • Stay on track when it comes to your schedule.
  • Hire a prestigious and dependable moving company like Sky Van Lines.
  • Update all documents with your new address e.g. utility bills, licenses, ID cards, mail, etc.
  • Make an inventory checklist. It will come in handy when you are unpacking.
  • Get rid of unwanted items before moving – dump, sell or donate.
  • Determine the difference between the space you’re moving to and your current space.
  • Label boxes with your name to ensure they don’t get mixed up with other customers’ items.
  • The moving company will give you the delivery time, but it is wise to plan around it. Due to unforeseen circumstances, your items may not get to the new location on time.
  • Research available parking spaces within your new location for the movers to occupy while unloading your items.
  • Use your inventory list to check your belongings. If time permits, do the check before the movers leave so you can quickly notify them of any missing items.
  • Give the movers a tip. After all their hard work, they deserve a little token of your appreciation.

Once you stick to these tips, you will enjoy a stress-free move. The professional, experienced and reputable movers at Sky Van Lines are always here to help so contact us today.

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